SUCIDAVA – Celei Romania

Sucidava; Photo: National Institute of Heritage Romania

Sucidava; Photo: National Institute of Heritage Romania


Late Roman fort

The complex site dating from the 2nd to the 6th century AD had a strategic, economic and commercial importance and was situated opposite the Roman colony of Oescus (Gigen, Bulgaria). Before the Roman conquest, Sucidava was an important political and administrative center of the Suci, a Dacian tribe. The late Roman fort was built in the reign of Emperor Gallienus and was in use between the 3th and the 6th century AD.

After 275 AD Sucidava was a permanent military fortification, where parts of units from the V legion Macedonica were in garrison. After 324 AD the headquarter (praefectura) of the legion V Macedonica was established here. Inside the fort a large building with heating system and a paleo-Christian basilica dating from the 6th century AD was discovered.

Near the fort there are remains of the 2400 m long bridge, which was built over the Danube in the period of the Emperor Constantine and inaugurated in 328 AD. The late Roman fort was included in the province of Dacia Ripensis as the most northern bastion of the new Late Roman province.

(authors: Dr. Alexandru Suceveanu, Dr. Liviu Petculescu, Dr. Ioan Carol Opriş)


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