WP 6 Pilot projects

Pilot actions will take place in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.  This will include 2 Summer Academies in Austria, where advanced students of celtural heritage management, monument protection and archaeology will meet and discuss the management and monitoring principles for cultural heritage and World Heritage sites. This concept can easily be adopted by other regions and countries. In Slovakia the project partner will implement conservation and presentation measures together with the National Museum on the Roman remains at the Castle Hill of Bratislava. The partner in Hungary will establish communication with a network of spas, wellness hotels, campings and wineroutes in Hungary to initiate new partnerships for the promotion of Roman Limes sites. In Croatia a 3D reconstruction on the presently invisible Roman fort of Batina, situated close to Osijek an a hilltop, which will developed to be presented in the new Limes exhibition hall in the museum. The Institute of Archaeology in Serbia and Bulgaria will implement conservation, preservation and presentation measures in Viminacium, Belene and Dimum. All pilot actions will support other partners inside the project with an extensive knowledge in conservation, preserevation and alternative presentation  techniques.

Responsible partner ERDF PP 2, the Municipal Monument Preservation Institute in Bratislava