WP 5 Identification of local regional resources

All partners will identify the most characteristic local/regional premises and features of the individual archaeological sections/sites including relevant stakeholders, actors and target groups. The main topics in this workpackage are the visualization, conservation and presentation of Limes sites. Visualization measures will include 3D reconstructions of the Roman remains on the Castle Hill in Bratislava, of the fort of Batina in Croatia, the settlement structures at the legionary fortress Viminacium in Serbia and fort sites in the Lower Danube area in Bulgaria and close to the Danube Delty area. A Danube Limes promotion will underpin the characteristic elements of these Limes sections and present them to a wider pubic. The film will be presented at the 2nd Danube Limes Strategy Conference in Romania and Bulgaria at the end of the project. In the final stage the relevanz project partners will development individual operational plans and organise promotion actions.

Responsible partner in ERDF PP 3, the Károly Róbert College.