WP 4 Development of Danube Limes Brand, overall Marketing Masterplan, concrete Joint action plan

In this workpackage key factors for the market orientation and the idea and conception of the Danube Limes Brand will be discussed and formulated. Partners will define their regional/national heritage potential and the relevant target groups and develop a vision, how the product „Danube Limes“ is seen from the viewpoint of those target groups. Best practise models will be identified along the Danube to create local/regional and/or national focusses, visions, and slogans for further exploitation and marketing measures. This marketing concept will be discussed and harmonized by all partners and presented at the Danube Limes Strategy Conference I. In the second half of the project time the partners will reveal various marketing channels and possibilities of promotion including media observation. The final result is a commonly agreed Joint Action Plan fort he further development oft he Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage, which will be presented during the 2nd Danube Limes Strategy Conference and distributed to all relevant stakeholders in all Danube countries.

Responsible partner is ERDF PP 4, the Province of Rimini.