Main objective

Protecting our Limes heritage from destruction

AquincumAfter surviving since antiquity these archaeological remains are more threatened than ever before, because of rapid urban and rural development. The extension of the transnational UNESCO World Heritage Site “Frontiers of the Roman Empire” into the Danube countries, initiated by Hungary and Slovakia in the Central Europe project “Danube Limes – UNESCO World Heritage” (2008-2011) will now take the results and lessons learnt on to the next level in establishing collaboration with partners linked to cultural heritage protection and marketing into the Lower Danube countries.

Symbolic of division and conflict, the Danube Limes now provides an ideal context through which to promote common identity and cultural heritage values in modern Southeast Europe. This mission will be achieved by the following objectives:

  • Long-term and sustainable preservation of Limes monuments through nominating new frontier section for World Heritage status in the Lower Danube countries
  • Development of a joint action strategy for the Danube Limes from the Black Forest to the Black Sea
  • Create brand modules for a Danube Limes destination
  • Interregional cooperation in developing, improving and presenting individual Limes sites