LussoniumThe Roman Limes is the single largest cultural heritage monument in Europe approved as a multi-national, “Frontiers of the Roman Empire World Heritage Site” by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in 2005.
The Roman Empire, its provinces and outer boundaries are at the heart of Europe´s identity and history.
10 countries along the Danube from the Black Forest to the Black Sea in Romania share the history as a former Roman province and frontier territory of the Roman Empire, which lasted for more than 500 years. Although there are regional characteristics, the overall concept and system of the frontier zone was planned, built and maintained as an entity. It forms an impressive archaeological landscape with hundreds of military installations – fortresses, forts, watchtowers and civil settlements. Those monuments tell the vibrant story of the Roman frontiers centuries-long evolution and culture. The remains of the fortified frontier, both above and below ground, are often in a remarkably good condition. They have been well integrated into the landscape and certainly deserve more attention and care. LussoniumThe World Heritage designation on the Danube Limes heritage would guarantee a longterm and sustainable protection and development and also ensure a proper and adaquate utilization of the cultural heritage resources and a great increase in awareness raising. More and better collaboration between the Danube countries and their relevant institutions in the framework of the European Strategy for the Danube Region as a flagship project will foster the establishment of a common cultural route, a joint action plan and a common marketing strategy.