Danube Limes Day

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Date(s) - 05/06/2014 - 05/07/2014
8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Danube Limes Brand partners celebrate a joint Danube Limes Day

All 9 partners in the Danube Limes Brand project participate in a newly created international Danube Limes Day. The events are scheduled end of June, beginning of July 2014 around the International Danube Day. The programme organised by partners at 15 individual places in 8 countries offers a wide variety of activities – festivals, bike rides, ships cruise, exhibitions, lectures, conferences, Roman army reenactment group demonstrations, movies – designed for various target groups such as families with children, teachers and pupils, professional scholars, tourists interested in culture and local inhabitants. In the organisation of the events the partners cooperate with local municipalities, archaeological sites and museums, libraries and private companies.

Danube Limes Day announcement

Danube Limes Day announcement (copyright: Anna Adamczyk)

5 June 2014: Krems/Stein – Spitz (AT)
— Ship Cruise, On the Danube with the Romans

22 June 2014: Rimini (IT)
Ancient World Festival, Ariminum and Danube Limes: a common history

23–29 June 2014: Osijek (HR)
Events and Exhibition, The Danube Limes in Croatia
Annoncement of Danube Limes Day in Croatia

27–28 June 2014: Vienna (AT)
Conference, The Danube Area, Limes, Landscapes, Life spheres

28 June 2014: Almásfüzitő – Azaum Roman fort (HU)
Event, Carpe Diem, Live like a Roman for a Day

29 June 2014: Rusovce – Gerulata Roman fort (SK) & Archaeological Park Carnuntum (AT)
Event, On the Limes Road between Gerulata and Carnuntum
Programme SK
Programme EN
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29 June 2014: Silistra, Tutrakan, Ruse, Belene, Vidin (BG)
Event The Danube Limes in Bulgaria

5 July 2014: Kostolac Viminacium Archaeological Park (SRB)
Event and Concert, Journey to the Past

5 July 2014: Harsova – Carsium Roman fort (RO)
Event opening temporary Exhibition, The Danube Limes in Romania