Roman fort

Drobeta was the first Roman fort in the newly established province of Dacia where the fortification walls were built of stones. The fort, which is depicted on Traian’s Column in Rome, was already built in 105 AD. It was established as a fort for auxiliary units, where the Cohors III Campestris, the Cohors I Antiochensium ,the Cohors I Cretum and the Cohors I Sagittariorum were stationed over times. Its main strategic role was to protect and defend the northern bridgehead of the famous stone bridge over the Danube, built by Apollodor from Damascus in the reign of Emperor Trajan between 103/105 AD.

(authors: Dr. Alexandru Suceveanu, Dr. Liviu Petculescu, Dr. Ioan Carol Opriş)


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Drobeta 44.624886, 22.668114 Drobeta