Late Roman fort

Dinogetia; Photo: National Institute of Heritage

Dinogetia; Photo: National Institute of Heritage

The Roman fortification of Dinogetia is situated on the “Bisericuţa” island on top of an earlier Getic pre-Roman settlement. The Roman fort was re-enforced during the Late Roman period by massive fortification walls about 2.5 m thick and protected by four corner towers, as well as by a monumental gate.

Inside this precincts, several buildings have been identified such as the headquarter, the commander´s house (praetorium) and a Christian basilica. Outside the fort wall an elegant thermal complex was found as well as a church dating to the Byzantine age. The site is included in the Roman map Itinerarium Antonini showing its commercial as well as its military importance.

(authors: Dr. Alexandru Suceveanu, Dr. Liviu Petculescu, Dr. Ioan Carol Opriş)


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Dinogetia 45.379000, 28.138803 Dinogetia